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2018 World Cup Tour
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Partnered with our friends at EPL Sports. 
Our custom designed tours offer the finest quality in competitive sporting events and educational/cultural activities. 
Participate in some of the best tournaments, practice with some of the biggest professional clubs and experience many of the world’s fascinating cultures through our exclusive tours. All tours are available to sports enthusiasts of any age, gender and ability level. Each tour is custom designed to meet your specific team needs. For detailed tour examples and tour ideas please select from our option menu or contact one of our tour specialists.

February 2017 we embarked on a fantastic tour to England where we traveled the length and breadth of the country, watched some fantastic live games, took part in excellent sessions at Bolton FC, Fulham FC, Everton FC, St George's Park and Reading FC. The Cities we visited were outstanding; London, Brighton, Reading, Windsor, Manchester, Liverpool. We can't wait to take part in our next tour. 

In the summer of 2015 SDFC took part in a fantastic tour to Canada to cheer on the USWNT for the 2015 Women's World Cup. With thanks to EPL Sports Tours. We got the chance to meet and train with professional players and coaches. Visit the beautiful Cities of Ottawa and Montreal. SDFC also had time around all of the action during the week, to watch 2 great World Cup matches live in Ottawa and Montreal. 

SDFC 2017 ENGLAND Tour Video 

Frequently asked questions

Can only Club players attend? 
No. This tour is open for any soccer enthusiast

Can a parent come too? 
Absolutely, we encourage family members to come on the tour to ensure down time is used exploring new Cities. 

Are flights included? 
No, but we will set up group booking options for great rates 

Are meals included? 
Partly yes, hotels offer breakfast/dinner depending on our schedules.

Registration is free online, why is this? 
All payments are made to EPL Sport Tours (Download the package for all payment information)
However we need all interested participants to register through the SDFC site. 


"The value of watching live international and professional games and playing against foreign players cannot be understated. Fortunately the American public has embraced the passion of the "Beautiful Game" but the tension and excitement of actually being in the stadium will be both palpable and electric and an experience like few others that our families will of had. That we can also combine playing and learning about the culture of international soccer will foster experiences and create memories for a life time."  
- SDFC President

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