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SDFC College Commitments

The staff and directors at SDFC would like to congratulate the following players that have committed to playing soccer in college. We wish you all the best in your futures. 

 College Commitments - SDFC Boys  
 Player Name  Team  School  High School Class   
Luke Lefeber SDFC1999 Boys
Vassar College 2017  
 Mason Toye SDFC1999 Boys  Indiana University  2017  
 Alex Nicol SDFC1999 Boys  Rowan University  2017  
 Robert Miller  SDFC1999 Boys  Oberlin College  2017   
 Matthew McGovern SDFC1999 Boys  US Military Academy (Army), West Point  2017  
 Aidan Thornell SDFC1999 Boys
 University of Scranton  2017  
Bryce Millington SDFC1999 Boys University of Chicago 2017  
Cristiano Hocken  SDFC1999 Boys
Stevens Institue of Technology 2017  
Matthew Howlett SDFC1999 Boys
University of Scranton 2017  
Josh Foster SDFC1999 Boys
Montclair State University 2017  
 Lucas Cunha  SDFC Force  Moravian  2015  
 Sebastian Ferreira  SDFC Force  American  2015  
 Ronald Jones Jr  SDFC Force  Moravian  2015  
 Koshane Marshall  SDFC Force  Moravian  2015  
 Andrew Quintos  SDFC Force  Bridgeport  2015  
 Arturo Sanchez  SDFC Force  Georgian Court  2015  
 Daniel Vicente  SDFC Force  Georgian Court  2015  
 Troy Carrington  SDFC Gauchos  Syracuse  2014  
 Ian Foloye  SDFC Gauchos  Lafayette  2014  
 Miles Hackett  SDFC Gauchos   Rutgers   2014  
 Brian Harnett  SDFC Gauchos  Wesleyan  2014  
 Tyler Kulcsar  SDFC Gauchos  Tufts  2014  
 Jose Meza  SDFC Gauchos  Manhattan  2014  
 Alexander Patel  SDFC Gauchos  Manhattan  2014  
 Ajani Phillips  SDFC Gauchos  Manhattan  2014  
 Joseph Rodriguez  SDFC Gauchos Drexel  2014  
 Bobby Schneiderman  SDFC Gauchos  Williams  2014  
 Michael Sorin  SDFC Gauchos  Colgate  2014  
 Carter Spyrka  SDFC Gauchos  Franklin Marshall  2014  
 Patrick Thees  SDFC Gauchos  Fordham  2014  
 College Commitments - SDFC Girls
 Player Name  Team   School  High School Class  
 Kerri McGuire SDFC 1999 Girls Villanova University 2018  
Alyssa Oviedo SDFC 1999 Girls University of Vermont 2018  
 Tori Belcuore  SDFC 1999 Girls  Villanova University   2018  
Leslie Jaiyesimi  SDFC 1998 Girls Hampton University 2017  
Cat Cole SDFC 1998 Girls Moravian College 2017  
 Emma Przyhocki SDFC 1999 Girls Misericordia University
Kaitlyn Kelly SDFC 1998 Girls Ramapo College  2017  
Alexus Costa SDFC 1998 Girls American International College 2017  
Gianna Cielo SDFC 1998 Girls
County College of Morris 2017  
 Kelly Crawford SDFC Liberty Trinity College 2016  
 Madison Kahn SDFC Liberty Amherst College 2016  
 Daniella Montesano SDFC Liberty  Catholic University 2016  
 Ariel Somple SDFC Liberty Siena College 2016  
 Monica Flores  SDFC Lynx   Notre Dame  2014  
 Sabrina Flores  SDFC Lynx   Notre Dame  2014  
 Emma  Coccia  SDFC Lynx   Dusquane  2013  
 McKenzie Cowley  SDFC Lynx   George Washington  2013  
 Victoria Gonzalez  SDFC Lynx   Victoria Umass Amherst   2013  
 Brooke Holle  SDFC Lynx   Holy Cross  2013  
 Kristine Kelly  SDFC Lynx   Conneticut Community College  2013  
 Grace Landers  SDFC Lynx   Fairfield   2013  
 Claire Malone  SDFC Lynx   Holy Cross  2013  
 Catherine O'Neill  SDFC Lynx   Binghamton  2013  
 Clara Scher  SDFC Lynx   Lehigh  2013  
 Joanna Scotti  SDFC Lynx   Lafayette  2013  
 Tara Sobierajski  SDFC Lynx   Siena  2013  
 Carly Swenson  SDFC Lynx   Wesleyan  2013  
 Kara Maguire  SDFC Lynx   Iona  2012  
 Maya Pitts  SDFC Lynx   Syracuse  2012  

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